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Company Analysis Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Feb 02, 2022

“Transitory” Inflation Meats Reality

With markets showing high levels of volatility and the Federal Reserve discussing the possibility of raising rates several times this year, investors continue to be ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Sep 23, 2021

Want Some Fries With That? Fast-Food’s Appetizing System-Wide Sales

While the pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for the restaurant industry, a look at

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Jul 08, 2021

Hotels Are Bouncing Back From Covid-19, but the Road To Recovery Looks Uneven

It was no surprise that hotels were among the “social distance losers” during the pandemic. When lockdowns went into effect, reservations were canceled, properties shuttered, ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Dec 18, 2020

Analysts Boost U.S. Home Builder Estimates In Wake Of Covid-19

Analysts are forecasting a more opportunistic growth and profitability outlook for U.S. home builders than before the pandemic started. Residential housing is experiencing ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Jun 19, 2020

Hotel Stocks Now Valued Higher Than Before Covid-19

The hotel industry is facing headwinds caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought leisure and business travel to a virtual standstill in the first half of 2020. Now, as ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Jun 12, 2020

Analysts Still Forecast Slow Recovery For Cruise Liners

The cruise industry was severely hurt by the novel coronavirus pandemic after multiple ships were quarantined at sea for extended periods of time, leading to a ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Apr 30, 2020

Netflix Analysts Pull Forward Subscriber Growth Forecast After Signup Surge

On April 21, Netflix reported exceedingly better-than-expected net new subscribers in their fiscal 1Q20 as COVID-19 induced lockdowns confined people to their homes and spurred ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Apr 02, 2020

Nike Expected To Recover Faster Than Adidas in China

For both Nike and Adidas, the Greater China market is a strategically important growth driver, but after both companies provided updates on how their China sales were impacted ...