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The Edge | Company Analysis (2)

Company Analysis
Apr 17. 2020

COVID-19 Analyst Revisions Ahead of Earnings Season

Earnings season is here, and companies are expected to update full-year guidance to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. As events have unfolded since the start of the ...

Company Analysis
Mar 03. 2020

Zillow Analysts Bullish On Core Business But Skeptical of iBuyer Model

Questionable Profits Zillow analysts have widely different views on the company’s future profitability as they transform into a real estate iBuyer. ...

Company Analysis
Feb 12. 2020

Analysts Forecast Disney+ Hitting Subscriber Goal Three Years Ahead of Schedule

Disney+ Subscriptions Revised Higher The launch of Disney+ has exceeded most analyst expectations after ending its first quarter with 26.5M ...

Company Analysis
Jan 14. 2020

Uber & Lyft’s Road to Profitability Gets Shorter

Analysts are expecting ridesharing companies Uber & Lyft to achieve profitability on an adjusted EBITDA basis sooner than previously expected. Recently issued ...

Company Analysis
Dec 17. 2019

Roku Deceleration Expected Despite New Streaming Services

Roku’s impressive growth to date has been driven by the cord-cutting trend, a growing number of streaming services and increased investment in ...

Company Analysis
Dec 09. 2019

Macau Casino Analysts Believe 2020 Will Be Mass-ive

Casino operators in Macau have been struggling from less visiting traffic due to tensions in Hong Kong, macro uncertainties, and tighter travel ...

Company Analysis
Dec 05. 2019

ASML’s EUV Monopoly May Stack Chips in 2020

Analysts Forecast EUV Delivery Upside ASML’s breakthroughs in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography ...

Company Analysis
Nov 19. 2019

Google SEO Shake-up Sends Expedia On A Bad Trip

Weaker Macro, Operational Issues and SEO Headwinds Lower Profit Estimates Expedia analysts drastically cut estimates for adjusted EBITDA growth ...

Company Analysis
Nov 18. 2019

Uber Eats Away At Grubhub's Growth and Profitability

Rivals Lure “Promiscuous” Customers  Grubhub (GRUB) customers have become increasingly less loyal as rival services like Uber Eats, DoorDash and ...

Company Analysis
Jun 12. 2018

Explore the players in online food ordering and on-demand music streaming services