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The Edge

Company Analysis - Materials Industry Analysis
Jan 06, 2023

Lithium Prices Soar, Producers in High Spirits

2022 was a historic year for lithium producers. The rapid growth of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs), coupled with governments across the globe formalizing policies ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Staples
Dec 28, 2022

High Spirits: Alcoholic Beverages By the Numbers

Experts say the consumption of alcoholic beverages rose significantly during the pandemic, but there hasn’t been nearly as much news on how the industry fared as a result. How ...

Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Dec 23, 2022

Just a Click Away: The Ups and Downs of Online Retail

Almost everyone shops online. It’s so simple to scroll, click, sit back, and wait for your purchase to arrive. Online retailers range from specialized shopping experiences ...

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Dec 05, 2022

May I Take Your Order? Post-Pandemic Restaurant Recovery

Forced to pivot almost overnight to ...

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Financials & Real Estate
Nov 29, 2022

Property and Casualty Insurance: In the Eye of the Storm

When the pandemic first hit, property and ...

Company Analysis In The News Company Analysis - Consumer Staples
Nov 07, 2022

Beyond Meat: Softening Demand, Weak Growth and Mounting Losses

Beyond Meat announced that it was

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Consumer Discretionary
Oct 20, 2022

Inflation, Interest Rates, and New Home Construction

The real estate market is cooling off, and people are increasingly rethinking their recent desire to purchase a new home. The frenzy of home buying sparked by the pandemic — ...

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Consumer Staples
Oct 13, 2022

The Price of Protein: Inflation and Packaged Foods

It’s no secret the cost of a week's worth of groceries has significantly increased. The overall price of packaged goods is at a 

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Financials
Sep 22, 2022

Analysts Boost Outlook for Net Interest Income & Net Interest Margin Amid Rising Interest Rates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published new inflation numbers recently; consumer prices eased to ...

Company Analysis Company Analysis - Industrials
Sep 13, 2022

Auto Manufacturing: Supply Chains, Chips, and Other Challenges

Weakness. Disruption. Delay. Failure. These are the words commonly associated with industry supply chains today. The pandemic threw supply and ...