Visible Alpha’s Emma Margetts Named Startup Professional of the Year at WatersTechnology’s Women in Technology and Data Awards

Posted by Visible Alpha on 3/12/18 7:14 AM
New York, March 12, 2018—Visible Alpha today announced Emma Margetts was named Startup Professional of the Year at WatersTechnology's Women in Technology and Data Awards in London. Ms. Margetts won the award after founding Alpha Exchange in 2016 and then selling the company to Visible Alpha late last year.

"I'm honored to be recognized for our work on Alpha Exchange," said Ms. Margetts. "Starting a business takes a vision, but turning that vision into a reality requires hard work, facing down the competition, overcoming adversities and seizing opportunities."

Visible Alpha Inbox (formerly Alpha Exchange) is a next generation technology platform that provides solutions to asset managers and investment banks to make the discovery and exchange of investment insights accessible, transparent and compliant. The addition of the advanced platform to Visible Alpha's existing services has created a unified consumption and collaboration experience reaching across research reports, analyst models and corporate access events backed by a robust compliance framework.

"Emma and her co-founders have brought an innovative, cutting-edge technology to the way research can be managed and shared,” commented Scott Rosen, CEO of Visible Alpha. "We were delighted to add the platform to our services, and we salute Emma on her accomplishments and award."

Ms. Margetts is no stranger to fintech or startups. In 2008, she started The Business Learning Network, the first women’s accelerator for female entrepreneurs in the townships of South Africa. She is on the steering committee for the Harambe Catalyst Fund, an African venture fund. Alpha Exchange was also chosen as one of 10 global companies selected for the leading Techstars Barclays Accelerator program in 2016.

About Visible Alpha
Visible Alpha is transforming the way Wall Street firms collaborate on research, financial models and corporate access events by providing breakthrough tools for discovery, analysis and valuation. With more than 400 employees globally, the rapidly growing company combines advanced data technology, a secure distribution network and sophisticated analytical tools to drive efficiencies and transparency into the research process while also enabling firms to generate alpha in new and differentiated ways. Visible Alpha is backed by the world’s leading investment banks. For more information on Visible Alpha, please visit

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Eric Soderberg
Forefront Communications for Visible Alpha
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